About Us

The PVF Roundtable is an organization of companies involved in the pipe, valve and fitting industry. These firms may be manufacturers, distributors, piping designers, engineering  firms, construction companies or end-users. Membership is by company, with each firm designating a Primary Member, who serves as the main contact, and as many Associate Members as appropriate as in any geographical location served by that firm. This permits both national and local concerns to be identified and addressed by the Roundtable if applicable. The PVF Roundtable is chartered under the laws of the State of Texas as a not-for-profit corporation and membership costs may be treated accordingly. Membership is renewable on a calendar basis. A listing of present members is available on this Website.

A General Assembly Meeting is held in Houston several times a year, at a convenient, centralized location. These Meetings open with a social hour, providing an informal means of ensuring that attending members can meet and share ideas and solutions to common  problems. An early buffet dinner is served, with the Meeting being formally opened around 6:00 P.M. Organizational
topics are the first order of business, followed by the self-introduction of Sponsors and attending members. A featured speaker is introduced, to provide a presentation of interest to the members. The Meeting is normally adjourned at 8:00 P.M. These General Assembly Meetings  are open to all designated Members and guests and represent an important forum  for the dissemination of industry information.

Membership in The PVF Roundtable provides a medium for informal contact with your peers and an opportunity to discuss common problems in an informal setting leading to possible mutual solutions. The “Task Group” method of problem solving adopted by  the Roundtable has proven to be effective and is available to members in the more complex problems faced by our industry. Trends can be identified and potential problems examined by members working together. Industry, governmental and environmental changes can be examined and members can determine how these might affect their own particular firms.

While The PVF Roundtable is not a Standards-writing organization, we maintain close ties with those organizations in our industry that do produce those Standards. In addition, close relations are maintained with major industry trade groups. These  relationships have provided a major avenue for problem solving over the past decade and we anticipate that they will continue to do so. Additionally, those  ties provide us with insight on industry trends, giving members an advantage in  planning their future activities.

Your participation  provides the basis for our organization to grow and prosper. We invite you to  join with your peers in becoming a member. Membership Applications are available on-line, or contact the Secretary-Treasurer, Sheryl Michalak, by phone at 281-590-0190, or by e-mail at [email protected]