Terry Bradshaw was Guest Speaker at October Meeting


The meeting held on October 17, 2017 was the PVF Roundtable's biggest meeting to date.  Over 600 industry professionals attended the meeting which highlighted the annual scholarship awards and the Wholesaler's PVF Hall of Fame Award; and culminated with guest speaker Mr. Terry Bradshaw.

Scholarship awards were given to endowment schools Texas A&M University and University of Houston; and current use schools Lee College, San Jacinto College, and Houston Community College.  The PVF Roundtable impacts over 460 students at these schools and disbursed for the next school year $175,000.00 in scholarship funding.  This is an incredible accomplishment for PVF Roundtable members and volunteers.
The sponsor for Mr. Bradshaw was Wolseley Industrial Group and Ferguson Cares. We thank them for their incredible generosity. In addition to providing our guest speaker, Rob Braig on behalf of Ferguson Cares made a Scholarship Donation to the PVF Roundtable and was presented the 2017 PVF Hall of Fame Award by The Wholesaler.

Terry Bradshaw regaled meeting attendees with anecdotes from his personal life and career.  Examples of his leadership and enthusiasm both on and off the field were both inspirational and entertaining.  Bradshaw welcomed questions from the audience and did not disappoint with his well-known honesty and humor.

The success of the PVF Roundtable has continued due entirely to the generosity of our members, our sponsors and the countless hours put in by our volunteers at all of our events.   A special acknowledgement goes to PVF Board of Director Mr. Joe Costanzo of Wolseley Industrial Group for his role in securing Mr. Terry Bradshaw as our guest speaker.

MANY THANKS to our sponsors and new members for this quarter's meeting:

Guest Speaker
Wolseley Industrial Group

Bar Sponsor
A & L Valve 

Wine with Dinner                Weldbend        
Dinner Sponsors
Edgen Murray 
Forged Components 
Gibson Products 
Penn Machine 
Petro Valve 
Phoenix Forge 
Welding Outlets Inc (WOI) 
Westbrook Manufacturing 
New Members
3S Super Sealing Services 
Borusan Mannesman Pipe 
Cohn & Gregory 
LFF Group 
Ram Alloys 
Tubular Steel 
Valve Index 

2017 TroutBlast Tournament a Huge Success


This year's TroutBlast Tournament and dinner boasted record attendance in Matagorda, Texas.  Despite the area being hit hard by Hurricane Harvey this year, everything went according to plan.   

The TroutBlast Tournament is an event for the PVF industry to network and raise money for the PVF Scholarship Fund.   This year we had 344 fishermen and women and we raised over $50,000 for scholarships. 
We cannot thank our sponsors and volunteers enough for making this tournament a success.  This year's sponsors included:

2017 Golf Tournament Results



2017 Gross Pecan Winners

1st Place
Lockwood International

Bobby Mauldin
Cory Miller
Gene Hickam
Nick Mounter

2nd Place
TWC The Valve Company

AJ Vesey
Dean Courtney
David Smith
John Egliht

3rd Place
Weldbend Corp

Stephen Letko
Joe Costanzo
Chad Anderson
Sheldon Delk
2017 Net Cypress Winners

1st Place
GJY Flange Forging Group LTD
Austin Wetzler
Juan Gonzalez
Mike Hernandez
Andrew Winter

2nd Place
Alco Valves Group
Juan Oliva
Mario Diaz
Zacharias Wood
Mike Simpson

3rd Place

Brandon Koger
Bobby Sommerville
Bryan Grant
Seth Ottesen
2017 Net Pecan Winners

1st Place
Everitt Industrial Supply

Chad Everitt
Adam Thomas
Jeremy Thomas
Casey Nickell

2nd Place
Epic Distribution

Kenny Rowley
Rick Lyons
Brandon Peckman
Ken Rowley, Sr.

3rd Place
Cobb Corp

Tres Cobb
Bill Cobb
Graham Winters
Ryan Piper

Thank You Golf Tournament Sponsors!




To our 2017 Don Caffee Memorial Golf Tournament Sponsors, a big THANK YOU!

With your help, we have raised an unprecedented $60,000 for the PVF Roundtable Endowment Scholarship Fund!

We cannot thank you enough for your support!

TroutBlast 2016 Results



  1.       7.52     Broering
  2.       5.50     Kates
  3.       5.28     Trisch
  4.       5.14     Casner

  1.       5.01     Sauls
  2.       4.98     Jackowski
  3.       4.28     Nelson
  4.       4.14     Caldwell

  1.       7.58     Taylor
  2.       7.17     Phillips
  3.       7.05     Brong
  4.       6.97     Scheps C.

  1.       8.40     Espinoza
  2.       6.41     Sholmire
  3.       5.47     Williams
  4.       None
  1.       30.28   Broering
  2.       28.20   Casner
  3.       27.79   Trisch
  4.       24.91   Tyler

  1.       24.36   Espinoza
  2.       19.94   Jackowski
  3.       17.82   Hunter
  4.       16.72   Caldwell

Sieven Taylor (8 spots)

THANK YOU TroutBlast Sponsors & Volunteers!



A big THANK YOU to our wonderful sponsors who made TroutBlast 2016 possible!  We managed to raise over $33,000 for the PVF Roundtable Scholarship Fund.  That pays for more than ONE YEAR at several of the colleges we provide scholarships for!  We had an awesome turnout of over 310 fisherman, 28 sponsors, and 16 volunteers.  THANK YOU!
Sara Alford - Newmans Valve
Elsa Pena - Cameron Newco
Christine Ryan - Cameron Newco
Kim Shelton-Brown - MRC Global
Erin Rosenstein - Monico, Inc.
Shanna McLarty - Federal Flange
Jaime Meade - Alco
Julia Arjona - WOI
Dalia Arriaga - WOI
Eric Weimar - Western of Texas
Amy Casner - Southwest Stainless
Kay Peters - Cooper Valves
Tyler Andress - Powell Valves
Adam Ryan - Newmans Valve
Taylor Scheps - Newmark Grubb Knight Frank
Cameron Scheps - W&O
Roxanne Shaw - MRC Global

Trout Blast 2016 Accomodations


Trout Blast 2016 Rules & Regulations


Official Tournament Rules

Tournament Format
1. This is a six fish stringer tournament. Each boat is allowed one stringer of three Speckled Trout, two Red Fish, and one Flounder to be weighed in for overall placing. There will be separate awards for big Trout and big Red Fish.
2. You may fish live bait Open Division or artificial bait Hardware Division.
3. Official tournament hours are from Official Sunrise to 3:00pm on tournament date.
4. Weigh in hours are 2:00pm until 3:00pm.

Permitted Fishing Areas
1. East and West Matagorda Bays to Pass Cavallo, and all adjoining waters North, East, and West.

1. Trout Blast is an invitational tournament, entry is by INVITATION ONLY. Guide entry is optional.
2. All State and Federal Penal Code laws shall apply at all times.
3. All State, Coast Guard, and Federal Fish & Wildlife Regulations shall apply at all times.
4. Contestants must have a valid fishing license on their person unless Exempt.
5. Each person in boat must abide by all tournament rules and regulations.
6. Any contestant found to be in violation of any tournament rules will be subject to disqualification from tournament and any future tournament.
7. Tournament officials have the right to refuse any entry.
8. Participants under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a guardian with written parental permission.

1. All decisions of tournament director are final.
2. All protests must be registered in writing with the tournament Director within fifteen minutes of the designated weigh in.

Weigh in, Sportsmanship and Conservation
1. Weigh in is at Matagorda harbor.
2. All fish to be entered into the tournament must be caught during official tournament hours the day of the event. (Official Sunrise 3:00pm)
3. All fish submitted for weigh in will be monitored for freshness.
4. Minimum length of fish will be per TPW Regulations. Maximum length of Red Fish will be twenty-eight inches. No tagged Red Fish!
5. Sportsmanship, courtesy, safety, and conservation are expected from all contestants.
6. All game laws of the State of Texas must be followed, any violations will be cause for immediate disqualification and any and all awards will be forfeited.

Tackle and Equipment
1. All fish must be caught by casting. Contestants may use only one rod and reel at any one time. Other rods may be in possession for substitute purposes.

No Refunds, No Exceptions! Transfers or substitutions of entry fees will be allowed.

Thank You Sponsors!


To our 2016 Don Caffee Memorial Golf Tournament Sponsors, a big THANK YOU!  With your help, we have raised over $46,000 for the PVF Roundtable Endowment Scholarship Fund!

2016 Golf Tournament Results


Despite the rainy weather, we had a great turnout for this year's Don Caffee Memorial Golf Tournament.  

Congratulations to all of our participants.  Your contributions have made a huge impact on this year's scholarship funds!

To see pictures from this year's tournament, please click here.

The Winners for this year are as follows:

1st Place Gross Score
 Bobby “Captain” Mauldin – Lockwood International
Cory “Co-Captain” Miller – Lockwood International
Ben “Ball Go Far” Sheppard – Cannon Industrial Services
Mike “The Caddy” Autrey – Lockwood International
 1st Place Net Score Pecan Course
 Robert Rebollar - Installoy
Blake Volmer - Installoy
Fernando Olson - HMC
Kent Taylor - Allied Industrial Sales
 1st Place Net Score Cypress Course
 Bernie Webber -Texas Pipe & Supply
Curtis Shelor - Dodson Global Inc.
Mike Donovan - Kurt Orban Partners
Rex Inman - Kurt Orban Partners